Select events that cancel your autoplay session.
You can stop Autoplay any time by pressing the stop button.
If multiple options are chosen any win reached stops Autoplay.

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  1. Press Start to spin reels.
  2. A win is achieved by getting 3 or more identical symbols next to each other vertically or horizontally in a straight line.
  3. When a win is awarded it disappears and the symbols cascade down. This may trigger another win.

Free Shuffles

  1. 3 or more Freeshuffle symbols anywhere in view award the Freeshuffles feature.
  2. A random amount of Freeshuffles are awarded
  3. The Freeshuffle feature will auto play until all the spins are used up.
  4. All winnings are paid into the player’s bank.
  5. If a Golden Leprechaun lands on the reels it is saved in the Mega Spins bank. Collect 3 Golden Leprechaun symbols for Mega Spins.

Mega Spins

  1. The Mega Spins feature is a very simple 24 position wheel with money values on it.
  2. The player is awarded 3 Mega Spins.
  3. To spin the wheel press the Start button.
  4. Wherever the indicator is pointing when the wheel stops is the prize paid into the Winnings bank.

Shamus the Worm Bonus

This bonus is awarded at any position on the reels and at any time. Shamus will move around the reels eliminating symbols. When Shamus leaves the board a bonus is paid. The bonus is random and not representative of any symbol Shamus eliminates.

Reel Roulette

This bonus can be awarded at any position on the reels at any time. An award is chosen randomly from the symbols that surround the Reel Roulette symbol.

Matrix feature

When there are three or more golden leprechaun symbols anywhere in view the Mega Matrix feature is paid. In the feature each Leprechaun pays x1 stake. A golden leprechaun awards a repeat.

Jackpot Gambler

When the player gets x10 jackpot symbols they enter the Jackpot Gambler feature. The award is displayed at the bottom of the screen with flashing awards above. The player must press the stop button to reveal whether they have won a higher prize. Each gamble adds x1000 to the initial award. The 5th gamble adds x5000 to the award.

There are no pure skill stop features on this game. All feature prizes are pre-determined.

Instructions | Awards | Options

Instructions | Awards | Options

Note that sound may be completely muted by tapping the speaker icon in the lower left corner of the game.
Turning off particle effects may improve performance on slow devices.