Star Drop


Standard Game

Stardrop is a 9 x 9 matrix of gem and star symbols. The symbols come in two sizes: Large and Small.

To win a prize you must get 3 symbols in a line vertically or horizontally anywhere on the matrix. If one of the 3 symbols is large then the win is multiplied by 2.

To get a dynamite prize you must get 4 symbols in a line vertically or horizontally. Dynamite will wipe out a whole line of symbols vertically or horizontally and award a prize.


To get a bomb prize you must get 5 symbols in a line vertically or horizontally. A bomb will wipe out a whole matrix and award a prize.


Bonus Game

Three bonus game symbols in a row (vertically or horizontally) will award the bonus feature game.

Initially you are awarded 2 freeplays and invited to gamble on the Hi-Lo reel to improve your bonus game.

Freespins Hi-Lo Reel

The reel displays the number 1 to 12 and you must guess by pressing the Hi (for higher) and lo (for lower) button to see if the next spin is higher or lower than the current number. If you win the gamble your bonus game improves by moving you up the bonus ladder with more freespins and higher award multipliers. The bonus game starts when you lose a Hi-Lo gamble.

At the end of the bonus game your winnings will be paid into your bank.


Get 3 Supanova symbols in line and the Supanova symbol will explode and randomly spray a random amount of Wild symbols onto your matrix. If the Wild symbols create a win the win is paid into your bank.

Symbol Small Big Symbol Small Big
0.5 1 2 4
0.5 1 2 4
0.5 1 5 10
0.5 1 5 10
1 2 10 20
1 2 10 20
1000 1000

Autoplay Control

Select events that cancel your autoplay session.

You can stop autoplay anytime by pressing stop button.